Monday, February 2, 2009

Foster Update--

Right now I'm waiting to hear from Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue(MAPR) about getting my first foster pug! The coordinator for Northern Virginia says that they have more pugs than people to take care of them so I'm expecting a call any day. Fingers are crossed.

They have to do an initial home visit first as a formality to make sure that I have a suitable home. I'm thinking more along the lines of inspection rather than visit which made me nervous so I cleaned the crap out of my house, but the MAPR staff member that's coming to do the home visit said that as long as there aren't any bodies in the crawl space then I will be fine.

Surprisingly they already have a foster in mind for me that's coming from a puppy mill situation. Very sad. My own dog probably came from a puppy mill (most pet store puppies do) as well so I have a soft spot for puppy mill dogs. I feel bad that there are so many mistreated dogs out there, but I'm really excited to be helping out.

I got a call a week ago asking me to take a 9 month old pug named "Mookie" whose owners couldn't take care of him. Then I found out it's because he's a barker with a wall-chewing habit. Um, no thanks. My Landlord would not appreciate getting his house back with swiss cheese walls. Although I do enjoy a challenge, it's probably not good for my first foster dog.

Well, the home visit is tonight I believe so wish me luck!

Hope she doesn't find that corpse in the hall closet..

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