Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The illusive "American Lo-Sze Pug"

So I thought I knew my dog breeds pretty well, especially all of the squishy faced breeds that I love so much, but through my countless hours of aimless internet browsing I discovered a new one, maybe you have heard of it?

It's called the American Lo-Sze Pugg, and as far as I can tell the only difference is that it is smaller with a wierder name.

The odd part is that there is almost NO information online about them. If they have a freakin' MINI pug out there then I want one! I'm sure there are others who share the feeling.

So why are they seemingly unheard of? The only info I did find online was a little bit on Dog Breed Info and a couple obscure pug forums where people pretty much flame eachother to the point where I don't know what is credible or not.

My guess is that there is some iffy breeding going on that has caused pug lovers to discount the breed. Judging by the many different colors they come in it looks as though there might be some Shi-Tzu blood in there but I'm just speculating.

Either way my verdict = Cute as hell. Definitely adding to my wishlist.


  1. The American Lo-sze is a breed in development since the mid 80's. THey are smaller than a pug and do come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. A recreation of the ancient,lo-sze of China. They do not have any shitzu breeding in them at all. They are very loving and do have wonderful personalities. I prefer as a breeder to omit the pugg from the name and simply call them American Lo-sze as not to get them confused with todays modern pug.


    1. would love to know more. where are you located and if I am interested how can I contact you.

    2. would love to know more. where are you located and if I am interested how can I contact you.

  2. I purchased a lo-sze from Donna Marshall 5 years ago. My little Penny has been the most AMAZING pet I could have ever asked for. She is awesome. I love her dearly. She is a very small pug, only about 10 lbs and incredibly adorable. She is the most affectionate, loving, playful and silly thing, just the BEST!!! She has had some health issues, but I am willing to do anything to make her comfortable and it has been well worth it. I have had some very expensive vet bills, and will most likely have some more in the future, as some of her conditions are chronic, but we are controlling them very well! I LOVE my lo sze, and would purchase many more if I could!!!

  3. I had two pugs. They were beautiful and I loved them but both of them suffered horrible seizures after their first year of life. I bought the second one after the first one died of a stroke during one seizure. I thought that maybe the same would not happen again since this new puppy looked healthier and was delivered from a healthy bitch from a recognized dog breeder.
    It is painful to see your dog suffering and after a lot of research I realized how high is the inbreeding in the pugs. Their skulls are dysmorphic, this prevents their brains to grow healthy after a year. The shortened jaws made the unable to bite objects bigger than 2 or 3 cm. Most of them have breeding difficulties. Imagine yourself not being able to breath normally all your life. Their spine is twisted and the vertebrae in their tails suffer deformations as well, so they can have it curled. In synthesis, they are not healthy dogs, they suffer permanently, their immune system is diminished.
    I know how you feel because you love your dog but please do not acquire more pugs and advice everybody not to do it.


    Show your love to your pugs not buying more of them. If no one buys them the demand for them in the market will decline. This breed was deformed on purpose, they are not healthy dogs.

    I am a medical doctor and I have a PhD in Genetics. Read all the scientific information about this breed and see the evidence by yourself.
    I saw my two pugs suffering. Even with all the treatments available pugs cannot live a happy life. Stop the suffering.

    1. Other small breads also suffer from this disorder and there is a genetic test for it. Responsible Pug breeders do not bread SS type Pugs that will be in the higher risk group for developing PDE. Not all pugs develop it, if your Pug is an NN then it's highly unlikely it will develop PDE. You claim to be geneticist so I would expect you to be more knowledgeable about this instead of condemning the entire Pug bread.

  4. I have a Lo-Sze Pugg too!! I bought it from Becki Slezak in 2004. My Emma is the most amazing dog I've ever had. I love her. She has never been ill or had any breathing or skin problems that plague pugs. Lo-sze are pug,pekingese,japanese chin mixes. The breeder was trying to achieve the size of historical pugs rather than today's larger pugs. There were only two breeders Ms.Marshall and Ms.Slezak. I don't think either of them breed Lo-sze's now. When I got Emma, we had to sign an agreement to spay her as soon as possible and provide proof of having it done.
    If anybody has more information to pass along I'd love to see it.

  5. I have an American Lo-sze Pugg I got from Rebecca Mann in 2003. Our little girl is now 8 years old and has never had any medical problems. She is the dearest sweetest little dog. She loves to cuddle and give Pug Hugs and kisses.
    In comparison with the AKC Pugs they are smaller with shorter legs, have a wider variety of coats, the fur is softer. In my experience they have less problems with eyes and breathing.
    I am curious as to why breeding has apparently stopped on these wonderful little dogs.

  6. If anyone has the name & contact information for a breeder of this dog in or around the midwest (I' in Indiana) please let me know!

  7. "I am a medical doctor and I have a PhD in Genetics. Read all the scientific information about this breed and see the evidence by yourself.
    I saw my two pugs suffering. Even with all the treatments available pugs cannot live a happy life. Stop the suffering."
    How could you ever say such a thing. Pugs can be very healthy dogs. There are many healthy ones. I'm not disagreeing about the ones that have serious health problems but there are many whom are very healthy. As a Pug lover I don't want the breed to go extinct. I love the breed to much. It's also not fair for people who want this breed whom havent had one yet.

    1. You're badly informed from someone claiming to have a PhD in Genetics! There is a genetic test for PDE and Pugs aren't the only breed that can have this genetic disorder and not all Pugs with the SS gene type will develop PDE. Get your facts strait and stop condemning the Pug breed. The disorder is called necrotizing meningoencephalitis in other breeds and I know someone who's Boston Terrier died with this, so it's NOT just Pugs!

  8. I have a pug and she is the BEST dog i have ever had. She has been very healthy and no serious sicknesses, maybe just some kennel cough when i first got her. I do think it is very rude for the "medical doctor" to be saying all that sh*t. im sorry your dogs were very unhealthy but most are healthy. i would be devistated if this breed went extinct, they really are the best and it is like having a child. they love to kiss, cuddle, and they can tell when you are upset or sick. I love my pup!

  9. Can you still buy this breed of dog if do please call or tx me 812-267-9111 thanks

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