Monday, February 23, 2009

Adopt me pwease?

I'm in the process of writing a mini bio for Kaci to be posted on Petfinder. It's supposed to pull at people's heartstrings and make them adopt.

As I'm looking at other bios on the site to get ideas, the whole thing suddenly seems so weird to me. People take these little unwanted creatures into their homes, then write cute little blurbs about them, putting them out there in cyberspace for anyone to see, and hoping someone else will want it.

The funniest bios, and probably the most effective, are written from the animals point of view as if they could talk. Of course if they could talk dogs would surely not be quite as eloquently spoken as humans. So most bios end up including something like:

"Is you can take me home now pwease?"

"Me like play wif my foster brover."

"I wuv my nummy nibbles. Now I fat."


We all know they can't actually write, but amazingly some of them can actually talk! Kinda..

This one speaks gremlin fluently:

And this one actually says I love you! Cute or creepy? You decide:

As a decent writer I ask myself: should I try to hold on to some sense of dignity or should I give up and lower myself to the level of writing like a dog?

However I decide to write it, I expect her to be on Petfinder by the end of the week so you can apply then, or before that you can apply directly to the MAPR website, fill in what type of dog you are looking for, and they will try to match you up with one of their dogs.

Long live the Pug!

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