Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kaci Update

Great news, Kaci's former owner actually tracked me down online because she wanted to know how she is doing!
She said she googled Kaci, Puggle, Annapolis and BOOM there she was! Sometimes the internet is scary good. Imagine being abe to track down one individual dog among the 73 million dogs in the country.
She was happy to hear that Kaci is doing well and is in a good place. She sent me the picture above which was taken in her old home in Oregon.
It's good to know that Kaci came from a good background and wasn't abused which many dogs are. A couple days ago we almost placed her in a home with two women and a dog which is perfect for her (she's shy around men.) Unfortunately it fell through.
We are still taking applications on Petfinder so if you are serious about adopting apply now because this is a great dog!

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