Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pug Ugly

There is an ongoing debate about whether pugs are ugly or cute, or as I prefer "ugly-cute." Part of what makes them so cute is that there is just a tiny hint of ugly. Like a gnarled little old man with hair on his ears can still be cute in his own way.

After years of working at a pet store I've heard everything from "cutest, wrinkliest little nugget" to "only a mother could love THAT face."

Egor: aptly named..

Cute overload:

Yes, I know that beauty is subjective, but how can you not love him?!


  1. Sorry this is very spammy, but it's a pug and I thought a Pug lover might enjoy it.

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  2. coolio! and phew. i just needed to promote that shirt, i felt like any pug lover, would be goo goo gaa gaa over it. also Jublin is a really good artist.

    anyways, nice to meet you internetly Ginny :D