Thursday, March 12, 2009

What kind of dog is THAT?

It's not all about the pure-bred anymore. You know, the pedigrees that go back twelve generations, AKC registration, boasting that your Pomeranian's great grandpa was a show dog, etc.

I'm sure you've all noticed by now that the new trend is "designer dogs." Apparently dropping 3k on a purse isn't enough for some people.

It used to be that you could explain the obscenely high price you paid for your dog because he was a pure-bred with papers. You can't register mixed breeds though, so the papers excuse is out the window, and mixed breeds are now just as expensive as purebreds, if not more!

People have take it a little far. Just take a look at the Hybrid Dog section of and you'll find everything from labradoodles to beaglmans (beagle / doberman) Ridiculous.

It's just an excuse for lazy breeding in my opinion. Not that I have anything against mixes, just the breeders.

Unfortunately, through my research into pug mixes I have found some troubling results:

Pom-a-pug aka pugeranian (pug / pomeranian)

Pugamo (pug / american eskimo)

Pugairn (pug / cairn terrier)

Who knows what this one is..

And last but not least the pugland (pug / west highland terrier) HIS NAME IS KOSMO KRAMER!

And this one just creeps me out:


  1. weve got a pug crossed with a shitzu... the breader charged us £300 and told us it was a Shitpug!!! He is cute though! and my 8yr old loves telling people hes got a Shitpug!!

  2. Oh, my pugarin is SO much cuter than that one. We adopted her from the humane society for $79 bucks. I love shelter doggies. :)